16 Expert Tips You Must Know To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

 No more poor workflow where you can't do multiple things simultaneously, no more clutter and disorganization where you struggle to find specific items quickly and can't keep your kitchen tidy, no more aesthetic concerns where you struggle to make your small kitchen visually appealing. 

A small kitchen is a story of squeezing every bit of usefulness out of the limited space, turning it into a cozy place where cooking can be simple, despite the small size.

 1-Embrace the charm of open shelving

While traditional cabinets may cater to your storage needs, consider the allure of open shelving. Opt for a display of your kitchen's most delightful items—lush plants and charming crockery—to infuse personality. Not ready to part with your wall units? No worries! Simply remove the cupboard doors, creating a more spacious and inviting atmosphere. This effortless tweak transforms your kitchen, providing the openness of shelving without the need for major renovations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider open shelving for a delightful display of kitchen items.
  • Remove cupboard doors for a more spacious and inviting atmosphere.
  • Achieve the openness of shelving without major renovations.


 2-Maximize your prep area above the sink

Looking for a budget-friendly kitchen upgrade? Enhance your prep space with a sink cover. Affordable and practical, these over-the-sink solutions provide additional room when your sink is not in use.

 3-Opt for Foldable Kitchen Tables

Save floor space and add flexibility to your kitchen with a folding table. It serves as a convenient spot for meal preparation and dining without occupying permanent space. Plus, it can double as a compact workstation, easily tucked away when your work is done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Save floor space with a folding table for meal preparation and dining.
  • Doubles as a compact workstation, easily tucked away when not in use.

 4-Explore Over-the-Sink Cutting Boards

Maximize your kitchen's functionality with an over-the-sink cutting board. If a kitchen island isn't feasible due to limited floor space, this ingenious solution provides additional counter space. Not only does it offer a convenient spot for chopping, but it also allows for easy rinsing before food preparation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maximize functionality with an over-the-sink cutting board.
  • Provides additional counter space and allows for easy rinsing.

 5-Utilize Nearby Spaces for Kitchen Storage

When your small kitchen lacks the storage you desire, think beyond its borders. Transform a nook or closet in a nearby room into additional kitchen storage. Create a recessed niche to house occasional kitchen tools or store nonperishable pantry items. Maintain a clutter-free look by adding a curtain, as depicted on the left, to discreetly conceal your stored items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transform nearby nooks or closets into additional kitchen storage.
  • Create a recessed niche for occasional tools or nonperishable items.

 6-Optimize Kitchen Corners

In many homes, corner spaces often go overlooked. However, when you're maximizing every inch in your compact kitchen, corner shelving can transform these typically awkward spots into functional storage solutions.

Key Takeaway:

  • Utilize corner shelving for functional storage solutions.

 7-Create Your Own Plate Rack

Looking for an appealing storage solution for your large platters and cutting boards? A DIY wall plate rack is the perfect answer, providing an attractive and functional space to keep those oversized kitchen essentials organized.

Key Takeaway:

  • DIY wall plate rack for organizing large platters and cutting boards.

 8-Optimize Vertical Storage

A wall-mounted magnetic knife rack is a brilliant solution, saving valuable counter space and keeping your knives easily accessible. Beyond that, explore various other vertical tricks—hang mugs with cup hooks under cabinets, install a hook for a suspended wire fruit basket, or employ strong magnetic hooks on your range hood. However, a word of caution: while these hacks enhance functionality, careful curation is key to preventing your kitchen from feeling overwhelmed. Let's explore these vertical wonders and make your kitchen work smarter, not harder!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wall-mounted magnetic knife rack for saving counter space.
  • Explore various vertical tricks for smarter kitchen storage

 9-Add luxurious small details

Regardless of your cooking style, aesthetics play a crucial role. While streamlined designs with clean lines excel in smaller spaces, you can introduce a hint of luxury and style by opting for decorative handles, a statement backsplash, and well-thought-out kitchen lighting.

 10-Hang lots of hooks

Utilize your wall space effectively by installing numerous storage hooks, such as this black rail adorned with hooks for mug storage. Displaying your mugs not only adds visual interest but also makes them easily accessible for your daily tea or coffee rituals. Embrace the open shelving concept to maintain an airy feel and avoid the potentially cumbersome look of upper cabinets. This approach is particularly effective for those considering farmhouse kitchen ideas, adding a touch of relaxed coziness to the space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilize wall space with storage hooks for mugs.
  • Embrace open shelving for an airy feel, avoiding heavy upper cabinets.

 11-Build a mini-Peninsula

Galley kitchens are a boon in small spaces,' notes Al Bruce, Founder of Olive & Barr. 'They offer instant flexibility, especially in terms of storage, as the layout consists of two rows of cabinets facing each other to create a galley. This eliminates the need for corner cupboards, utilizing every millimeter of space.'

For those dreaming of kitchen peninsula ideas, it's achievable even in a narrow galley. Extend your cabinetry by a foot to accommodate a set of small drawers. This not only provides extra storage but also establishes a visual zone and a spot to gather and chat while someone is cooking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Galley kitchens offer flexibility and storage.
  • Extend cabinetry for extra storage, a visual zone, and gathering space.

 12-Opt for a Kitchen Island Over a Table

Introducing an island might seem counterintuitive in a small kitchen, but in a long, narrow space, a well-planned kitchen island can be the ideal solution to add extra storage and surface area while maintaining a sociable atmosphere.

Select an island with ample storage underneath for neatly stashing vegetables and linens. A slight overhang from the countertop ensures that the seating for the kitchen island fits snugly underneath, eliminating any potential trip hazards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Well-planned kitchen island for extra storage and surface area.
  • Seating fits snugly underneath, preserving valuable floor space.

 13-Upgrade to a Larger Sink

While the allure of the best dishwasher is undeniable, a small kitchen may not accommodate one. Instead, consider making space for a double sink.

Dedicate one bowl for washing and the other for dirty dishes. This arrangement provides a designated area for stacking soiled prep utensils and plates, keeping them out of sight and preserving valuable counter space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider a double sink for washing and dirty dishes.
  • Designated space for stacking to preserve counter space.

 14-Zone with flooring

Small kitchens can effortlessly double as charming kitchen-diners with a clever zoning technique. Create the illusion of two separate spaces without sacrificing room by implementing distinct flooring styles.

Opt for two contrasting kitchen flooring designs to visually delineate the cooking and dining areas. Energize the kitchen with a vibrant patterned floor that not only adds a dynamic touch but also adeptly conceals any accidental spills. For the dining zone, choose a calming and neutral flooring style to cultivate a relaxed ambiance. This simple yet effective trick enhances the functionality of small kitchens, transforming them into versatile and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create two separate spaces with distinct flooring styles.
  • Vibrant patterned floor for the cooking area; calming neutral floor for dining.

 15-Save space with a sliding door

Maximize space utilization in small kitchen ideas by incorporating a sliding door. While the temptation might be to eliminate the door for a more open feel, keeping a kitchen door is beneficial in containing cooking odors from spreading throughout the house.

Opt for sliding doors as the ultimate space-saving room divider. The beauty of a glass design ensures that, even when closed, it doesn't create a solid barrier between spaces. This thoughtful addition not only preserves the functionality of the kitchen but also adds a touch of visual openness to the overall layout.

Key Takeaways:

  • Incorporate a sliding door for a space-saving room divider.
  • Preserves functionality and adds visual openness to the layout.

 16-Use fresh mint green to promote calm

Infuse a sense of calm into your small kitchen by embracing the soothing tones of fresh mint green. While kitchens, regardless of size, can often feel chaotic, small kitchens are especially prone to this challenge. Combat this by opting for a color scheme that fosters a serene atmosphere, and green is the perfect choice to achieve that sense of collected calm.

Experiment with various tones, incorporating shades of green into cabinetry, walls, and accessories. This layered approach mimics the lush greenery of a garden, woodland, or forest glade, intensifying the overall calming effect on your small kitchen space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Infuse calm with fresh mint green tones.
  • Experiment with various green shades for a serene atmosphere.

In summary, approaching your small kitchen with creativity and a focus on thoughtful optimization reveals that size is not a limitation but an opportunity for innovation in creating a functional and stylish culinary retreat.

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