8 Zero-Cost & Low-Cost Designer Tips To Refresh Your Home

Table of content

  1. Move Things Around
  2. Refresh Your Shelves
  3. Clean Your Windows
  4. Reorganize
  5. Change Your Soft Furnishings
  6. All You Need Is a Can of Paint
  7. Refresh The Look With Greenery
  8. Invest in Small Upgrades

1- Move Things Around

Can you bring cushions from a bedroom onto your sitting room sofa? Can you move the pictures around, or bring a different table in? And that makes everything feel new and different and you’re refresh your home without spending.
You can even move a chair, and you could have that chair in winter for example facing into the house looking at your gallery wall, but in summer when the view is green and beautiful, you could just swivel the chair slightly so you're looking at the view outside of the window.

2- Refresh Your Shelves

  • Get all the things out from your kitchen shelves for a dust, and think about restyling it, you're gonna make it feel a bit different. How? the idea here is that you don't have to put it all back the way it came off, you can have a bit of a rejiggle.

3- Clean Your Windows

You don’t think you can overstate the difference clean windows make. Partly you really notice it when the sun comes out for the first time because it highlights all the dust under the sofa or whatever. So, cleaning the windows changes the view and it literally makes the room lighter and everything looks prettier through a clean window.

4- Reorganize

Are you sorting out your books not by color? or all that rubbish under the sink, or experience the simple pleasure of buying a few baskets or bags to put things in for mopping stuff or various ingredients or cleaning products, that makes a huge difference because it leads onto then cleaning and looking after your home better, which refreshes your home and makes it feel new.

5- Change Your Soft Furnishings

If you’ve got small pieces of furniture around like bedside tables, maybe put a different lamp on one of them, or put a different selection or ornaments, it changes the view and it’s refreshing your home on a budget.

You can also change your cushion covers, or hang a new curtain. The Scandinavians do this,
they change their curtains seasonally, It changes the feel of a room from a light linen curtain to a velvet.

6- Refresh The Look With Greenery

An interesting tip for greenery is to go for foliage instead of flowers, they also give a refreshing and classy look while they last longer than flowers.

7- All You Need Is a Can of Paint

  • You can go for a little project and take your small tables,  like if you have a small wooden bedside table, or you can purchase a cheap one on Facebook marketplace and paint it, it’s a job that might take you an hour, and you can paint it to coordinate your bed board, and you might get bored of it in 6 months and you can paint it to go with your rug or move it to a different room and paint it with a different color, you know, those things which cost you just the price of paint and nothing else if you already have the furniture.

  • Painting a door frame or a window or a skirting board, it might be just going over an old color to make it all look fresh and jazzy, or you might go for another color, for example painting a window with a bright color.

8- Invest In Small Upgrades

If you do what to spend a bit, you can go for a new bundle of fresh towels, a couple of new scatter cushions or even buying cushion fillers to puff up since old cushions of course they become flat and sad, so add some fillers to plump them up to make them feel and look plusher and more buoyant.

Now It's Your Turn!

As you are able to notice, you actually don’t need to spend a fortune in order to refresh your home. You can start even now by implementing what doesn’t require a penny, just like rearranging and moving things around. Then you can opt for the small DIY
projects like painting which is very interesting, I guess it’s very satisfying
to paint something or look at someone else do it. So what are you going to start with?